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    Loner by Rob Morganbesser (Genre: Living Dead)

    Ten years after the dead rose.

    Jim Evans awoke to the sounds of silence. This lack of noise brought him instantly to his feet, hands coming up to rub sleep snot from his eyes. Silence? There hadn't been any silence since they had chased him in to this small store. Fortunately the door was stout and he'd blocked it off well. He tried to stay awake while they rampaged about, but lack of food (his last had been some moldy chocolate bars) and water (drunk out of the tank on back of a toilet, happy that it wasn't the bright blue of disinfectant) had driven him to sleep.

 New Fiction Contributions...Friday 15-Aug-2014

* The Cellar - Short Living Dead story : A peek into the mind of a survivor as he wrestles with he psychological impact of surviving while watching everyone else die.
* The Chronicles of Cheechkaduni - Long General Horror story : In the far distant future, when the seas have dried up and the rivers are gone, the renegade lord Onek Mangsho and his wives flee being turned into meat to feed the people.
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 New Fiction Contributions...Wednesday 16-Jul-2014

* Badlands II: God of Wrath - Short General Horror story : Revisiting an old love, the knight finds her missing. Only the demon can help find her - and, if possible, to rescue her from where she is.
* The Monster Shop - Short General Horror story : Kay's parents had reluctantly agreed to buy him a monster for his birthday. It may have been a gift that kept on giving, and giving.
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 The Making Of Day Of The DeadThursday 3-Jul-2014

Day of the Dead finally gets the attention it so deserves in the shape of Lee Karr's book dedicated to Romero's classic film.

Released in 1985, Day of the Dead was the final film of George A. Romero's classic zombie trilogy, which forever changed the face of horror filmmaking. Now, for the first time, the full history of the making of this cult favourite is revealed. Drawing on a wealth of exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, author Lee Karr leaves no stone unturned - detailing the movie's pre-production, shoot, release and legacy. Filled with behind-the-scenes gossip and previously unpublished stories from the set, as well as over 100 full-colour photos, this book gives Day of the Dead the resurrection it deserves.

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 New Fiction Contributions...Thursday 5-Jun-2014

* Badlands - Short General Horror story : A knight and a demon, on a mission to save a town from an unknown danger.
* Zombiestan - Short Living Dead poem : The real reasons why you should be afraid of zombies.
* Business As Usual - Short General Horror story : Even when dealing with the apocalypse, life must go on.
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 New Fiction Contributions...Monday 5-May-2014

* Anonymous - Short Living Dead story : A man faces demons alone.
* Flu Season - Short Living Dead story - It was only a case of the flu. Roger Benton was certain that he would feel better in the morning. And then he learned the truth.
* Dead Horizon - Short Living Dead story - It has been months since the Dead has walked, and no one has any idea what has happened to the undead. A soldier tells his side of the story of what he encounters in a Military base armory in Fort Bragg, South Carolina.
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 New Fiction Contributions...Tuesday 25-Mar-2014

* Conspiracy Theory - Long Living Dead story : Is immunity to the worst plague in history a boon or a curse?
* Special Operation - Short Living Dead story - There is a submarine in this story. There are NO guns, NO gore and NO Romero style zombies.
* War Games - Short Living Dead story : A squad of bored conscripts struggles to clear the infected English countryside.
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 Doc of the Dead - "Zombie Survial" documentarySaturday 1-Mar-2014

You're going to love some of the folks in this documentary.

An EPIX Original Documentary from the makers of The People vs. George Lucas that delves deep into the evolution of the zombie genre in Film, Television and Literature, as well as its impact and influence on pop culture. Featuring George Romero, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, Max Brooks and many others.

Premieres Friday, March 15th at 8pm ET as part of Zombiethon on EPIX.

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 New Fiction Contributions...Monday 3-Feb-2014

* The Vigil - Short General Horror story : The Professor had been commissioned to spend the night in the haunted house. But the night was almost over, and nothing had happened yet.
* Death Behind Barbed Wire - Long General Horror story : When a guard at a Nazi concentration camp is mysteriously murdered, a young SS officer is ordered to find the culprit, or else. Set in the same location as 'The Experiment', but is an independent story.
* Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park - Long Living Dead story : Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque New Mexico there's something horribly wrong in a remote valley. To their eternal regret some people have mistaken the screams echoing in the hills as coyotes singing to the moon. When Josey drives his truck down into the valley he quickly learns the horrifying truth. It's not coyotes howling- it's men or what used to be men.
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 New Fiction Contributions...Saturday 28-Dec-2013

* The Summoning - Short General Horror story : The strange old book promised to summon demons - but, of course, demons don't exist, do they?
* Up From the Depths: Denial Measures - Book 1 from James Jacksomes Living Dead series : In the aftermath of an intentional release of a genetically mutated virus, the world has changed. Will ODA-141, the Outlaws, accompanied by the SEALs of Shark Platoon be able to make a difference? Their mission is to locate survivors and eradicate the infected. Forced into cities teeming with the cannibalistic viral carriers, will the hard charging remaining US Military Special Operations forces be able to take back the nation?
* A Glitch in the Matrix - Short Science Fiction story - Long Science Fiction story : You have an ideal life, then minor, niggling things happen which you ignore until they get more than a little out of hand.
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 World War Z sequelThursday 12-Dec-2013

This years "World War Z" was a surprise hit.

Despite all the news of script troubles and reshoots it was a huge success, so there's little surprise we're going to get to see more zombies sprinting after Brad Pitt.

The sequel will not be directed Marc Foster, but instead by Juan Antonio Bayona.

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