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Twilight of the Dead Novel

Homepage of the Dead has two copies of Travis Adkins' living dead novel up for grabs.

Courtney Colvin was nearing the end of her teenage years when the undead apocalypse began. She survived, forsaking her youth and innocence, and five years later she continues to exist —albeit lonely —in the fortified town of Eastpointe. Nightmares and the unwelcome advances of Leon Wolfe are the worst things she's dealing with now in her otherwise mundane life.

But when a newcomer arrives in town and claims to know the location of the antidote to the zombie plague, it sends Eastpointe into an uproar. To retrieve this antidote, she and a group of other survivors must venture outside the relative safety of the compound's walls and into a world ruled and dominated by the flesh-eating undead.

Twilight of the Dead puts a new spin on the zombie genre, yet remains true to the classic rules that have already been set forth. A sure-fire reading pleasure for anyone who loves character-driven horror.

COMPETITION: Twilight Of The Dead Novel
Competition Closed!
The winners were Joshua Palmer and Ron Vickers!

The question for the competition was:-
"What is the title of the author's first novel?"

The answers available were:-
  • A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven (Received 97% of the votes)
  • A Problem For Every Purpose Under Heaven (Received 1% of the votes)
  • A Purpose For Every Problem Under Heaven (Received 2% of the votes)

    The correct answer was of course "A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven". Well the answer was only a single away at the website :)

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