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Saint Sinner CD Competition

Homepage of the Dead is pleased to be offering three promotional copies of the newly released Saint Sinner CD Soundtrack. Each is signed by both Clive Barker and the soundtracks composer Christopher Lennertz.

In 1815 a monk, Tomas Alcala, unwittingly unleashes two female succubi, Munkar and Nakir, upon an unsuspecting 21st century. He is chosen by God to travel through the centuries and stop the demons' rampage.

Competition Closed!
The winners were Peter Berg, Justin Charletta and Paul Linton.

The question for the competition was:-
"How many tracks are on the CD?"

The answers available were:-
  • Twelve
  • Seventeen
  • Nineteen

    Only three people did not answer correctly with 'Nineteen'. Well the anwser was only a single click away at the website for the album :)

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