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Apocalypse End: Reign Of The Dead Competition

Homepage of the Dead is pleased to be offering a copy of Apocalypse End: Reign Of The Dead in a free competition.

Strap on your weapons and reinforce your means of travel! In Reign of the Dead the apocalypse had just begun. Apocalypse End: Reign of the Dead is the final installment of a two-part story.

The world now belongs to the rotting corpses of a lost civilization. Bearing little resemblance to their lost humanity, they hunt for warm-blooded prey to satisfy an overpowering primal urge to consume living flesh.

If you'd like to learn more about this novel then click here to visit the novel's website.

COMPETITION: Copy of Apocalypse End
Competition Closed - The winner was Roger Simpson.

The question for the competition was:-
"What city will the next (third) Reign of the Dead novel take place in?"

The answers available were:-
  • Las Vegas. (Received 5% of the votes)
  • Washington. (Received 7% of the votes)
  • New York. (Received 88% of the votes)

    If you're wondering which was the correct answer, it was of course "New York".

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