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Discount Party Supplies
Halloween Zombie Party Pack!

Discount Party Supplies have kindly offered to make every zombie fans Halloween party complete with a bumper pack of party supplies:-
   - A complete zombie party pack of plates, napkins, cups, streamers, etc.
   - A huge "I love zombies" balloon.
   - A pair of zombie window decorations.

This should be enough to kickstart any zombie fans Halloween party!

For more great zombie stuff from DPS, head over to their Zombie Party Supplies page.

COMPETITION: Zombie Party Pack
Competition Closed!
The winner was Christopher Langley.

The question for the competition was:-
"How tall are the zombie window decorations?"

The answers available were:-
  • '45 inches'
  • '55 inches'
  • '65 inches'

    The correct answer was of course 65 inches. Well the answer was only a page down :)

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