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Homepage of the Dead is pleased to be offering two signed copies of Todd Tjersland's book, "Deathbreed".

The bodies of the recently dead are returning to life. They rise-hungry to devour, to kill, to destroy. No one is safe! With each new kill, their numbers grow. They are the Deathbreed-an invincible army of flesh-eating zombie horror... Where can you run when they are everywhere? Who can you trust in a world gone mad? These are the challenges that confront the survivors. This is the terrifying story of the end of the world told step by step, day by day.

COMPETITION: Deathbreed Book
Competition Closed!
The winners were S. Vukcevich and Jeremy Adams.

The question for the competition was:-
"How many films has Todd written, produced, starred in, and/or directed?"

The answers available were:-
  • 5 (Received 3% of the votes)
  • 7 (Received 1% of the votes)
  • 10 (Received 96% of the votes)

    The correct answer was of course "10". Well the answer was only a click away at the website :)

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