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Pittsburgh Comicon 2001 Competition

The Pittsburgh Comicon ran April 27th, 28th, and 29th at the Pittsburgh Expomart, Monroeville, PA. For more information of the event, including a full guest list visit the Comicon Website.

Homepage of the Dead is ran two competitions in connection with the Comicon. One for people who were lucky enough to be able to attend it, and another for people who unfortunately could not.

COMPETITION 1: Free Passes
Competition Closed!

Winners were Philip Falco (2nd prize) and Jesse Whitton (1st prize).

1st Prize:  A pair of Weekend Passes and a pair of Mall Passes*. These passes allow free entry to the Comicon on all three days, and also to the Monroeville Mall tour where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.
2nd Prize:  A pair of One Day Passes which can be used on any of the three days of the Comicon.
COMPETITION 2: Signed Memorabilia
Competition Closed!

Winners were Bob Tate and Leon Reyland.

1st Prize: A signed Dawn of the Dead VHS Video (NTSC) and a signed Brian Rood print*.
2nd Prize:  A signed Brian Rood print*.

* The Brian Rood print is being taken from an original painting being especially produced featuring the cast/actors attending the convention.

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