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Land of the Dead Differences
(Article by Neil Fawcett, added 17-Oct-2005)

First and foremost - If you have not seen the 'Unrated' version (or indeed even the original version), and do not want the new/altered scenes spoiled for you, then do not proceed!

The Unrated Director's Cut of 'Land of the Dead' is a slightly different animal to the cinema version. Below is a blow-by-blow synopsis of the differences.

The times specifed are those of the unrated DVD. The images shown are are only as a reference and have been enhanced in contrast from the original DVD in order to better show the image purely for the purpose of this article.

6:59 - 7:04An extension to the chat about Charlie making himself useful. Now after Cholo says to Charlie, "Make yourself useful" the scene continues and Cholo says, "You don't got one redeeming defect, do you, son, huh?"
14:03 - 14:05We have additional footage of police officer zombie attacking/chewing the rookie.
22:39 - 25:17
After Riley gives Mulligan antibiotics for his son, the original film went into the scene of Cholo meeting Kaufman followed then by the scene of the zombies approaching the city and the butcher chopping through the wall. Instead now these two scenes appear later in the film (and in the opposite order).

In their place we now have the largest new scene/addition in the unrated version - Cholo goes to Kaufman's apartment and is greeted by a scissor wielding Knipp who is concerned about the neighbours. Cholo investigates...
28:45 - 29:08In a new sequence, after Riley kills the zombies attacking Slack, Chihuahua tries to shoot Charlie and misses. Riley returns fire and hits Chihuahua. This new footage better explains the importance of Charlie's careful aim for the head shot.
32:51 - 34:05
After the scene of Riley, Charlie and Slack in the cells we now have the two scenes moved from earlier in the film (in the opposite order)

The existing scene of the zombies approaching the city, with the Butcher chopping through the wall. The last two seconds of the scene is different with a shot of the distant city instead of the swinging zombies (the audio remains the same).
34:08 - 36:41The existing scene of Cholo meeting Kaufman.
38:33 - 38:36With the zombies attacking the fence, we now have additional close-ups of the zombies.
39:52 - 39:55A close up of the zombies attacking a guard after breaking through the fence.
39:59 - 40:02A shot of a zombie eating a finger is extended.
51:02 - 51:03A shot of zombified soldier standing in torch light is extended.
51:33 - 51:38A new scene of zombies feeding.
51:48 - 51:48An extended shot of zombie feeding.
57:46 - 57:49 After Riley says, "if Cholo shells the Green, all deals are off", we get a new sequence of him and Slack, with Riley saying "right?".
57:50 - 57:51Riley's dialogue is extended to include a pause and him saying "errr.."
57:52 - 57:54After the shot of the zombies in the woods, the camera now returns to Riley saying, "...don't know about you, but I don't won't to be out here in a car without a roof". Previously this was mostly said during the shot of the zombies in the woods.
58:52 - 58:53An additional scene of Mouse being attacked.
58:55 - 59:05An additional scene of Mouse being eaten.
1:02:43 - 1:02:45The lesbian kiss scene now runs for longer with more footage at its start.
1:08:09 - 1:08:12A new scene of Motown being attacked before being shot.
1:13:42 - 1:13:44With the zombies breaking into the city, an extended scene of a zombie eating.
1:13:50 - 1:13:54A new scene of a zombie feeding and ripping skin off a face.
 1:17:41 - 1:17:41 A fraction of a second more footage of a Fiddler's Green resident being attacked.

My personal opinion of the alterations and new scenes are that they are all positive. However, I am confused why some were simply not included in the original (cinema) version.

If you believe any of the listed changes are incorrect, or a change has not been included, please do contact me.

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