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Front Cover - Signed personally by Tom Savini
Dawn of the Dead Official Poster Book
(Article by Neil Fawcett , added 10-Apr-1998)

This poster book is a great find for any Dawn fan. One side is dedicated to a large poster of the movie (see below). The other side consists of the front cover (shown right), the rear cover with an advert for a Dawn of the Dead T-Shirt, a smaller poster (see below) and information about the film itself. This "look behind the scenes" is spread over half a side (approx four A4 sheets) and starts in large letters with:

"You May Have Survived The Night of the Living Dead...
...But You Still Aren't Ready For The Dawn!"

If first sets the scene by giving some details about Night of the Living Dead and its incredible success:

"Audiences responded with a mixture of terror and awe comparable only to that which, fourty years ealier, had met the unmasking of Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera. Mainstream critics dismissed it; concerned citizens mobilized to ban screenings; newspaper editorials denounced it as a prime example of the pornagraphy of violence; and the sociologists condemned it as a symptom of moral decandence. And the moviegoing public? Well, they loved it. So much so, infact, they succeeded in placing Night of the Living Dead among the top-grossing films of both 1969 and 1970."

It then moves on to a far larger section dedicated to information on Dawn of the Dead which covers its story, actors and filming. It also has several photo's from behind the scenes.

On the back page of the poster book is an advert for a Dawn of the Dead T-Shirt. However, of particular interest is that along with this advert is the following text, "In 1968 George A. Romero began a three film trilogy tracing the growth of Zombie society. The first film was the now classic Night of the Living Dead. Dawn of the Dead is his long awaited second film. The last film, Day of the Dead should hit the screens about 1988." This obviously shows that Day of the Dead was already planned even when Dawn had only just been released, and that they hoped to release it ten years after Dawn just like Dawn had been released ten years after Night.

Poster by Jim Warhola (Approx 43cm * 28cm)
Small Poster

Poster by Ron Mahoney (Approx 55cm * 85cm)
Large Poster

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