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Dawn of the Dead: Now and Then
(Article by Neil Fawcett, added 20-Apr-2002)

Here are a collection of shots from the abandoned airport and the mall from Dawn of the Dead. Each photo is shown along with a still from the original film to help you recognise it. If you have any photo's you'd like to contribute to this page, please do send them in!

The gas pumps at the abandoned airport

The office at the abandoned airport

The parking lot no. 30 as seen when first arriving at the mall

The power station on top of the mall

The door leading out to the first corridor

JC Penney - The first shop they enter, and where Peter says, "When there's no more room in hell..."

The escalator in JC Penney

Door of elevator in JC Penney

Ceiling of elevator in JC Penney

The hall the car was driven down

The small bridge

Passage to hide out

Images courtesy of Chris Taylor - For Chris's photos click here!

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