Dawn of the Dead Board Game

Dawn of the Dead Board Game

The entire Dawn of the Dead board game can be downloaded from this site. If the game was still in production this would not be so as it would obviously be a direct infringment of copyright. However, the game is no longer available and furthermore a number of websites are offering this game for sale. Infact they are simply selling nothing more than colour photo-copies of the game. This I feel is wrong as individuals are making a profit from simply pressing a button on a photo-copier. For this reason I felt it should be made available for any fan to download for free.

Many thanks go to Doug without whose patience, scans, re-scans, and re-re-scans this download would not have been here...

  • A program to unzip the two download files (eg: Winzip).
  • Word 6/95 or a compatible program to read/print the manual.
  • An graphic/art program that will print JPG files full page. (Most have an option to do this, if not by default).
  • A colour printer on which to print the 6 images required.
  • Some patience to assemble the board and counters.

    The Manual
    To download the manual in PDF format (152K) Click here

    The manual was converted into a Word document by myself. If this was not done then instead of 46K, the manual would have been 9 large JPG files amounting to probably well over 3 or 4 meg. Additionally the overall quality will also be better. I have attempted to keep the manual as faithful to the original as possible, but changes (minor) have been made in it's layout.

    I can almost guarentee that their will be mistakes in the manual, spelling or gramatical. If you spot one please tell me and I will correct it.

    The Board and Counters
    To download the board and counter images in ZIP format (6 JPG files, 2.9Meg) Click here

    The board has been saved as four separate images which should ideally be printed on four A4 sheets. They have been created so that they overlap very slightly to help when joining the four sheets togethor to make up the whole board again.

    The counters have been saved as two separte images which are infact the front and back of the counters. The need to be printed on two A4 sheets and stuck back to back either before, or after the counter are cut up. I'd recommend if possible to introduce a thin later of card in the "sandwich" to strengthen them.

    It is unlikely the sheets will line up perfectly (board/counters) as printers rarely print pages in exactly the same position, however, the images of both the board and counters should be the correct size as long as the program printing them prints full page.

    A common problem people seem to encounter is when they view the rules document they do not see the images and charts. This is almost certainly because you are viewing the document in the wrong 'view mode'. Try doing a print preview, or indeed even printing the document.

    Cyberboard Gamebox Version
    I have not tried this personally, but Tom Perconti has produced a Cyberboard Gamebox version of the game which you can play by email. Click me

    WitchMaster Revamp
    For a graphically improved version, visit WitchMaster Creations.


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