Paddington and Marmalade

Paddington and Marmalde are our cats. We got them when they were just a few months old in September 94. The picture below is Padds when he was just a few months old and the one to the right when he was three. As you can see his sleeping habits haven't changed much over the years. He's now over three feet long (wiskers to tip of the tail) and about one and a third stone (no he's not fat!). Basically he's a big teddy bear, so I guess the name is appropriate (Paddington is a name of a cartoon bear here in the UK).

He also for some strange reason behaves more like a dog than a cat! He eats like a dog; face in the food until it's gone. Fetches like a dog; runs and retrieves balls of paper, and greets people like a dog; he comes bounding up the path when ever we get back home. Small

Very large!
The strange thing is the rest of Paddington's litter was made up of just normal coloured cats. He just popped out a bit different. Stranger still, by the time we got to them all of them had gone but two, Paddington and one of his sisters. For some reason everyone who had been along before us were not interested in a blond blob.

Marmalade the boss! Marmalade the boss! Here's Marmalade. She and Paddington are not related. Infact when we first got them both she hated him, probably because she'd never seen anything like him before. It was three or four days before she realised that this blond fluff ball was actually friendly and they actually started getting on and playing (left). Now, although he's much bigger, she's the boss!