In March 1998 I went on a aerobatic flight in a Bulldog Trainer as a birthday present from friends. The only flying I'd done before apart from the usual flights to go on holiday was a glider so this was a bit different.

We got to about two thousand feet and the instructor said, "You have control," and off I flew. We then went through a series of manoeuvres. Each time the instructor would take me through it and then I had a go. The first loop the loop wasn't too difficult, except the three and half G was surprisingly uncomfortable. Next came a barrel role. The instructor showed me the move and then it was my turn. "You have control," the command came. This didn't go quite so well and after a few seconds the view was nothing but ground getting closer and closer. "I HAVE CONTROL!" A rather more serious voice came. The instructor regained control and then I had another attempt and this time managed it.

After several more aerobatic manoeuvres we set back home, which I was rather relieved about as the tuna sandwich which I had eaten before wasn't feeling so good!

Me nervously getting in!